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Grandparents Pitch in with Financial HelpLife Stages - Retiree

Grandparents derive great pleasure from doing whatever they can to enrich their grandkidsí lives now and in the future. Sometimes that includes providing some sort of financial support.

Maybe itís providing free child care a couple of days a week to help out working parents. Or perhaps itís paying for ballet lessons or a summer soccer camp to ease the squeeze on the family budget.

Some grandparents look further into the future by saving for their grandchildrenís college education.

Money can be a touchy topic between generations. The reaction of adult kids to your offers of financial assistance can be tough to predict. Some may welcome it, while others with a strong independent streak may feel reluctant to accept your help.

To avoid misunderstandings, communicate. Talk to your children before giving money to them or your grandchildren, to be sure your goals are in sync.

Giving money isnít the only way, however, that grandparents provide financial help. Theyíre also role models for establishing wise money habits.

Thatís one good reason to give away some of your money, as youíre able, while youíre still alive, rather than waiting to leave behind an inheritance. By giving money to your kids and grandkids while youíre still alive, you can sit back and see what they do. That gives you feedback while you still have a chance to be a mentor to your kids and grandkids about smart ways to handle money.

Kingsport Press Credit Union has excellent Savings Certificate programs to help you accumulate money for your kids or grandkids. We can assist you in opening savings accounts for them that can be converted over to their own names then when they come of age.

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